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One of the most common interview mistakes could cost you the job

Here are the top interview mistakes you can make at Amazon

During a job interview, every second counts in order to make a good first impression. Interviewers will take note of even the smallest details such as your posture and eye contact when determining if you’re the right candidate.

However, a mistake you make could keep you from getting your dream job – and it’s one that many candidates make, Amazon recruiter DJ Cabeen says.

“One of my pet peeves is when candidates use curse words or inappropriate language during an interview,” he says. “It’s a turnoff, and it doesn’t sound professional.”

This isn’t just a problem for younger candidates, either. “I have been recruiting at this point for decades, and I haven’t been able to count how many times individuals have used curse words in interviews,” Cabeen says. “It’s not just entry-level candidates, it’s also older, very experienced candidates. It runs the gamut of tenure.”

Candidates showing up without knowing basic information about the team or role they are applying for is another common gaffe Cabeen has noticed during interviews. Doing your homework and preparing well for those interviews is also something I don’t see many people do,” he says. “But learning about the company, the team, and the interviewer is an easy way to stand out.”

Amazon offers several free resources about the best interviewing practices on its Amazon Jobs website, “Inside Amazon” YouTube channel, and LinkedIn feed for applicants who apply for open roles at the tech giant. Cabeen suggests people interested in working for Amazon review the company’s leadership principles since hiring managers rely on them during the interview process.  Cabeen says, “We’re looking for an experience that’s aligned with our leadership principles like ownership, frugality, and curiosity, all of which are fundamental aspects of who we are as a company.”

One of the easiest ways to stand out in any job interview is to find something in common with the interviewer, such as a favorite hobby or a place you have both lived. “It’s those little connection points that make the conversation feel more comfortable and show me people have taken the time to prepare for her interview,” he says.  Additionally, it makes me feel more at ease because even interviewers get nervous for these conversations, even though we do them all day long!”

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