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Receptionist job
Receptionist Job

Receptionist Job and What it Entails.


Receptionist Job and What it Entails

Receptionist job
Receptionist Job


Receptionist jobs are found in a wide variety of job sectors. Often, a receptionist is the first person a caller or guest interacts with when first calling a company or entering the facility.

Many people might not feel this kind of work is worthy of a career, but it certainly can be. Getting to thoroughly know the company and the products or services offered makes a receptionist a valuable asset.

Once they know the ins and outs of a company, the people within, and what’s offered by the company, the job becomes much easier and it can feel comfortable to stay in.


It’s very important for a receptionist to learn all they can about the company they work for. Being able to quickly answer questions and inquiries from outside individuals is essential to the job. If the answers are not readily known, a receptionist must be able to search for the answer and efficiently provide it. He or she must know where to look or who to ask, and get back with the individual who inquired in a timely fashion.



Providing excellent customer service in all aspects is also highly important to a receptionist job. The individual in the position must be able to tactfully manage customers or clients who are unhappy for any reason. Even when the reason has nothing to do with the receptionist themselves. They must remain calm and know how to diffuse the situation. With seemingly endless different personalities from all kinds of people. It can sometimes be a challenge when someone is angry or upset, but a skilled receptionist knows how to work with all types of people.



A receptionist can expect to be provided with a wide variety of tasks, aside from managing outside inquiries. For this reason, being able to efficiently multi-task and prioritize workloads is paramount. He or she needs to be able to stop and start projects at any given moment and be able to manage constant interruptions. While this may become frustrating at times, a good receptionist understands this and manages it well.




For a receptionist who has been employed with a company long-term. It may seem as though there is no way to advance. This depends on the company, of course. There may be multiple receptionists, and a promotion to a team lead or supervisory position may be possible. If such positions are not available, a receptionist may be able to request or accept additional responsibilities or tasks. And a subsequent pay increase to go along with it.



A receptionists’ salary will vary greatly depending on location, company size, responsibilities, and job sector it is in. A full-time receptionist might expect to receive an annual salary of $20,000 to $30,000. But of course, this could be lower in a smaller company. Or higher for a long-standing employee in a larger company.