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Credit Report Mistakes: How Do You Fix Them?

How Do You Fix Them?


When you receive your credit report, usually a free investment, there are many things that are detailed that relate to your credit background. Credit reports are beneficial to know what state you are with your credit, a factor that plays into many major transactions like money borrowing and applying for mortgages. Sometimes, you may find that your credit report is mistaken, with many errors in the details of the report. If you find these mistakes, then you can rest assured they are possible to fix, to garner a correct credit report.

What Are The Mistakes?

The FTC or Federal Trade Commission urges people to check their credit score periodically, as there have been many cases where the credit report is false in one or several areas. Even if you feel there aren’t mistakes, you should check on a regular basis, as a credit report contains information that applies to the amount of money you can borrow, if you can even get a loan. Typical mistakes in a credit report are debts that are documented as not being paid back when they have, and incorrect information about the person that requested the report. This information usually applies to incorrect addresses and incorrect spelling of person’s names, which can turn into larger errors if they are not corrected. There are many other errors that are possible, however, they usually fall in the range between the two already discussed.


How To Fix These Mistakes?

If you have received your credit report, and have noticed one or several of these errors, don’t worry as they are usually an easy fix. Most of the errors are made simply from your information being misplaced, or your name being misspelled, causing a report for the wrong person.


Once you spot the error/s and have decided they are vital in your credit report history, there are a couple methods you can choose to act on. The best method and usually the most effective is as simple as requesting a new credit report.


Most of the time, credit reports are published when debts have not been recorded, making debts appearing as unpaid when they have been paid off. These reports can be fixed by ordering a new one, which may record the paid off debt. If a new credit report doesn’t fix the errors, then copy the report, producing a photocopy and highlight the mistakes.



Once the mistakes are highlighted, not on the original but the photocopy, then you can send it credit report provider, where they will work to fix the errors. You should include a dispute letter when you send in the marked-up report, saying why you highlighted the errors and so on, this letter should be written by you, and not through an online generated one. Once you send the letter, wait for a reply.


If the reply warrants the letter, saying they will fix the errors, then the mistakes have been fixed. If the mistakes haven’t been fixed, then you may have to look further into the problem, maybe by calling the BBB to help dispute your case.


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